We offer a variety of bindery to fit all your printing needs. Saddle stiched books, coil bound presentation and more!

Saddle stitch

saddle stitch

Saddle stitch is a binding method where sheets are folded in half and then stapled through the fold line. This is a great method for small magazines, programs and booklets.

Spiral Binding


Spiral or coil binding is a method where single sheets are punched and bound together by a black plastic coil. This is a great binding method for reports and books you wish to lay flat.

Similar to spiral binding, comb binding is a method where single sheets are punched with rectangular holes with a soft plastic comb. The added benefit for comb binding over spiral is the ease of adding and removing pages



Tape binding is a method in which single sheets are bound together by gluing a strip of tape to the edges. This is similar to a perfect bound book. Great for small runs of books and professional presentation material.